Complete Valet

An indepth service that will improve the condition of the vehicle both on the exterior and interior. Recommended for customers looking for an indepth clean to refresh their vehicles or a pre-sale clean.


  • Multi stage safe exterior wash including wheels and tyres.
  • Road tar spots removed from lower third of vehicle.
  • Exterior bodywork dried with microfibre towels.
  • Exterior bodywork hand polished using a cleaner/wax product.
  • Roof lining, interior trims, dashboard,center console and door cards cleaned.
  • Upholstery and carpets pre sprayed with a dedicated cleaner, brushed and vacuum cleaned.
  • Upholstery stains removed where possible.
  • Leather seats cleaned with a leather cleaner.
  • Compressed air tool used to clean hard to reach areas where possible.
  • Boot compartment carpets brushed and vacuum cleaned (if empty).
  • All interior / exterior glass cleaned.
  • Exterior plastic trims and tyres enhanced where possible.


1 - 2  Days Booking

Size of Vehicle / Price *

Small - £110 |  Fiat 500 | Ford Fiesta | VW Polo

Medium - £120 | Ford Focus | VW Golf | BMW Z3

Large - £140 | Ford Mondeo | Audi A4/A5 | Range Rover Evoque

Extra Large - £150 | Ford Galaxy | Ford S-Max | Merc S-Class | Audi A8

4x4 - £170 | Range Rover Sport / Autobiography | Land Rover Discovery

* Price dependent on the condition of the vehicle. Pet hair / heavy soiled upholstery and carpets will incur additional charges and longer duration.

Please note - All Service Options are completed at the Workshop - CM3 8DN


Optional Add-on


A layer of durable wax applied to protect the finish
Price | From £25